Our Story

Shuruaat ki Shuruaat Se….

We, being foodies who love cooking (occasionally), experimented with everyday kitchen ingredients to make food with a twist for our friends and family. To Be Honest, we were really surprised when they always loved it.

Our Eureka Moment…

Not only did they love it, they encouraged us to share it with their friends and extended families. And just in a few days, we ended up making snacks for over 45 families from our home-kitchen! That's when we realised that we aren't the only ones, we ALL want - healthy food with a twist, without compromising on taste! 

The Khao Project is born…

We started The Khao Project to create healthy food with a twist, with 'taste' at the forefront for all families. So, evidently, we are always thinking of family members and their experiences, in every vein. When brainstorming about new flavours for our fusion food, we reminisce about our experiences with food, like when we were college kids we'd go to have samosa pav after bunking or now as parents taking our kids out to try a new waffle joint and so on. Food has always been our emotional haven.

Our belief:

We eat like we feel, with our emotions. It's a human thing. So, we said that although we didn't have a variety of healthy 'feel-good' foods, our families and children do deserve it.
We truly believe - Our food shows that eating clean, healthy, nutritious, preservative free and flavourful food not only gives us instant gratification but it can actually make us feel happier in the long run.

Hence we believe that ,” healthy can also and always be tasty!”